Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler in a Black Hat

Liv Tyler DE Beers shoot
Liv and her mother BB Buell were in London and we met for dinner. I had met and known BB for a long time in the past, as she’d modeled for British Vogue and me back in the day. That week I was shooting an ad campaign for De Beers diamonds and I still had not found my model. The following day, I was having my Creative meeting with De Beers; we saw a lot of girls and hundreds of headshots and nothing still was feeling right. Suddenly I mentioned that I’d just had dinner the night before with Liv Tyler, “she’d be great for this”. They thought my idea was genius, and with that, we had our model for the campaign.

When we arrived at the studio for the shoot, my stylist had brought a wide array of brightly colored outfits and hats. For some reason, none of them looked or felt right.

I said, “I want her dressed all in black and wearing a great black hat too”.

The stylist made frantic calls and within an hour a huge selection of black hats arrived. I picked one out for her, she tried it on. The hat, the diamond necklace and beautiful Liv (and of course my fabulous lighting!!!!)….. That was THE SHOT.

A limited edition of this print is available at:

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