Pink & Fur – How To Spend It Magazine

These images were a mystery to me until I had a phone call from my friend the really great hair dresser Kieth Harris saying, “Clive can you find these images?” He then sent me a photo of a tear sheet from How To Spend It Magazine – the Financial Times luxury title.

In between shoots my vigilant daughter Eugenie who works with me on my archive found some of the transparencies when we were looking through some of the many sheets I have in storage. My entire archive is currently represented by Trunk Archive Internationally by my dear friend Katrin Koszta.

When I discovered them again between shoots, exhibitions and the whirlwind of the photography world. I realised how sensual and slightly androgynous the model is who I think is called Mona but I am not 100 percent sure. She had the most beautiful form, eyes, legs and coquettish come hither look in some images and in others she seemed haughty and then just a sweet young girl. I’ve never seen her since and I regret that I didn’t use her more.

The team on the day was Keith Harris (hair), Cheryl Phelps Gardener (make up) and fab styling by Damian Foxe, looking at these images again reminded me how great they all were to work with. And of course the divine Mona if that is her name and if you are out there let us know…Call me a sentimental fool if you will. To find you Mona would be a triumph as they say in the theatre.

And here’s a little film where I talk some more about these images…

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