To Celebrate Reaching 50% of our #Kickstarter Crowdfunding Goal – I’ve added some Signed Limited Edition David Bowie and Mick Ronson Cards

I am delighted to announce we have reached just under (by a glorious £2.00!) 50% of our kickstarter crowdfunding goal to make the Peter Gabriel Limited EditionReflections Exhibition Catalogue. I find it so touching that everyone has been so kind with their hard earned cash in supporting this. I am also really excited that I can propose things to people and they support my work. There is nothing better really as an artist than this. Thank you.

I’ve added a new £29.00 reward to the kickstarter which is 10 sets of these 4 cards signed by me and an exhibition catalogue to celebrate the exhibition opening tomorrow. They will be numbered and have my signature on so they will be a limited edition. You can claim this reward by going to the kickstarter page HERE.

As some of you may know there will also be a few images that are not of Peter Gabriel in the exhibition which runs till the beginning of February, which is why it is legitimate to include other images from across my career.  I am also hosting an evening at No15 Great Poultney St in Bath on December 10th, to discuss many of these images and the stories behind them.

Thanks again, lovely people. I will post images of the private view and Bath tomorrow and maybe another surprise reward! Just to keep you all on your toes!

Mick Ronson White Shirt 5060634320078 - A5Card by Clive Arrowsmithil_570xN.1637763095_l4tsMick Ronson Guitar Solo - 5060634320092 - Clive Arrowsmith A5 CardDvid-Bowie-Twisting

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