Kirsten Scott Thomas – Star of The English Patient

Kristen-ScottThomas-Laughing-V5I shot Kirsten in the late 90s when she was promoting her fantastic BAFTA nominated performance in the English Patient which was an eery, moving and unsettling  film. Most particularly because she was left in the desert alone with nothing but a book of classical Greek poetry.


She has the most endearing Celtic face, the classic dark hair and beautiful eyes and really reminded me of my Mother Rene when she was young. It might be because she was born in Cornwall and has Celtic ethnicity, at least from my point of view. That might be wishful thinking on my part though as I am Welsh.


We shot her in some 90s clothes like the big off the shoulder bow jumper (above) alongside styling her in clothes that reflected The English Patient. I thought that she was an Anglo French actress but it seems she was just trained in Paris and speaks French fluently, and lives there now, so she is a true Francophile. She has a really seductive feminine aura which I found entirely beguiling.


She looks stunning in the above and below vintage ¬†dresses. It was an absolutely enchanting experience shooting her. She is a classic beauty. I would say it was ‘a triumph’ but my daughter has said “Please don’t say that again” but it was.



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