Maserati for IL TRIDENTE


I shot this campaign for iconic italian car designers Maserati for there inhouse magazine IL TRIDENTE. I worked with my dear friend and stylist Marcella Martinelli on this shoot using clothes by PradaVersacePhilip TreacyRoger Vivier  and Sergio Rosi and it was shot at Farnborough Private Airport. The shoot was conjunction with Maserati and Luggage supplied by Louis Vuitton.

_Mazerati beauty hat.G_1578

During the the shoot, to get the angle I wanted I had to strap a the flash unit toa cherry picker platform.   Since we we were at an airport with it’s exposed position the wind was blowing the swaying the platform from left to right. I then had to time the shot for when it was exactly in the middle position, while it was gusting from side to side.  This combined with the fact that I was shouting instructions to the models (the fabulous Marla at Premier and Albert at Select) meant that the whole job was like patting your head and stroking your tummy, 25ft from the ground  on a moving platform! Not an easy shoot, but very rewarding. Thankfully it was the first time I had used the Canon 5D MKII and the quality of sharpness and colour saturation of the camera more than compensated for stresses of the job and helped me to achieve the final great result. I had bought the camera in Taiwan and subsequently bought, 2 more Canon 5D MKIII’s and it is the camera I use most of the time for it’s speed and efficiency.


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