Pirelli Calendar 50th Anniversary Celebrations

Pirelli Buffalo.1992 Arrowsmith.4


It was peculiar for me to find myself on the other side of the lenses when I went to Milan to celebrate 50 Years of The Pirelli Calendar (click for link to Independent Newspaper story, where yours truly might of had a few things to say). It was fantastic to see so many photographers and their work and all the guests assembled in one place to celebrate what for me was one of the most challenging but enjoyable jobs of my career. I shot the Pirelli Calendar twice in the 90s, the themes I used were ‘Heroines’ and ‘Chinese Astrolgy’. The second calendar shoot was also made into a documentary for Granada TV fronted by Michael Aspel. The shoot itself was art directed by my friend Martin Walsh (pictured with the nurses at the end of this post) who was also at the celebrations. We managed to share a few fond memories of make up dripping of the models in the searing heat and the memorable moment when the entire studio set up blew off a cliff. Happy Days!

Pirreli exibition

The above shot was taken in the auditorium with my shot of year of the Ox taking centre stage. Couldn’t stop taking pictures once I was there so in typical photographer fashion I have no pictures of me with anyone.



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